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Mail ids have become our new identity to operate all of our virtual accounts. When some issues occur with the maintenance or the security of our mail accounts, we become helpless. Don’t we? If you also feel threatened by the security issued that have or may occur to your email account, call us directly at 1-800-715-9523.

What To Know About Hotmail:

Hotmail has been the most trusted email service for nearly 15 years since its inauguration in 1997. Hotmail is Microsoft’s email service, and in 2007 it started working under the name of Windows Live Hotmail.  It has won acclamation as the most used email domain with over 200 million users worldwide. It is only recently that Gmail is giving a tough competition to Hotmail. Their vision is to provide the fastest, safest and simplest experience of emailing to the users.

Benefits Provided By Hotmail:

Like all the email services its main plus point is the instant access to communicate with friends and relatives all over the world. Hotmail keeps one socially connected with other friends in the social media with its two handy features. Firstly, it gives access to other social media messengers like Facebook and Skype at the same time from the Hotmail window. Secondly, it automatically gives updates to the users about the birthdays and anniversaries from other social networking friends. It provides excellent software to filter out the spam messages. The email offers a huge amount of storage where all the details of contacts and messages can be stored.

Common Issues Encountered by Our Clients:

Even after the excellent platform provided by the Hotmail developers, there are some drawbacks which some users face in their everyday experience.  The users cannot block others from adding them into their Hotmail or the emails from unwanted users cannot be blocked at once. In some cases, there have remained little chance of their websites getting hacked.

To protect our users from this limitation and technical glitches our expert team is always ready to provide useful Hotmail Technical Support you need. You have made a sincere choice by choosing Hotmail as your emailing service and now it is our responsibility to sincerely secure your mailing experience.

The Services We Provide:

  • Email id Creation
  • Recovery of email password
  • Changing Password
  • Sending and receiving email issues
  • Security checking
  • Recovery of missing emails

These are a list of the most frequent problems reported by our customers regarding Hotmail Customer Service. Even if your question is not listed above, feel free to call us and get detailed information about your queries. You only need to dial our toll-free number [   ] now.

Hotmail Customer Service Quality Is Important To Us:

We focus only on giving you the quickest, dedicated and smartest solutions. Our technicians-helpers are experienced in dealing with client problems for over a decade now and are completely reliable for any security concerns. We are 24*7 available to give you all necessary guidelines when it comes to Hotmail using.

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