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Mails are the innovative and smartest way of conveying important messages. When the problem occurs with the messaging or security related to emails, our security comes to question; we are naturally at threat. Our customer service will come to your aid whenever you face any such problems.

Hotmail is an email service provider that works under the prestigious name of Microsoft. Hotmail creates a very user-friendly surface and a steady platform for the users whether they want to deliver official messages or transfer large files even from a great distance. Hotmail was founded in the year 1996, and since then it became overnight the most popular and most trusted web-mail service. Until the very recent time when Gmail has appeared to be a tough competitor, Hotmail was privileged with more than 200 million users worldwide.

Advantages Of Using Hotmail:

When someone is opening a Hotmail account or any other email account, it is important to know both of its advantages and disadvantages. Hotmail has its motto to be the “simplest, safest, and quickest”.

Microsoft helps its customers to stay socially connected by incorporating various features. Firstly, it gives access to multiple social networking sites’ messages at one place in the Hotmail window, like Facebook or Skype. Secondly, it gives regular notifications if there is birthday or anniversary of any friend from the other social media platforms. No other mail service can provide with such exciting add-ons.

Disadvantages Of Using Hotmail:

Apart from all the excellent services, there are still some loopholes in Hotmail which leave chances for hacking of the users’ mails and information. Hotmail does not give features with which we can stop spam messages from coming. It allows the users from blocking a sender, but we cannot control who can add us to their contacts. However, with useful precautions you can protect any harm happening to your email. Our Hotmail Customer Service will come to your aid to understand these loopholes and how you can stop malicious activities from taking place. What you need to do is call us at [  ].

Our Handy Hotmail Support:

Our Hotmail Customer Care Services cover a broad category of problems and questions raised by our customers regularly. We update our system regularly so that we can serve our customers better. Our services include:

  • New Domain Checklist
  • Opening email account
  • Recovery and changing passwords
  • Recovering missing mails
  • Check troubles in sending or receiving emails
  • Getting access to other Microsoft web services using Hotmail

Even if your problem is not listed above, you can be sure our professionals can take care of each and every critical issues.

Hotmail Customer Support  phone Number 1-800-715-9523

With our Hotmail Customer Support, you can blindly be assured of the result. Because we don’t compromise with our integration and dedication in helping our customers. Our team consists of all the experienced and efficient tech-experts who not only will address your problems and solve them, but also give you a complete outlook on Hotmail so that you are never confused about anything in future.Pick up your phone and reach us at our toll-free number any time of your convenience. Your satisfaction is our responsibility.